Busy Person’s Retreat-Part 2

My experience with the Busy Person’s Retreat was short but sweet, a reprieve from my everyday life as a college student/employee/mother/daughter/editor in chief. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I began, but was pleasantly surprised at the results.

The retreat was meant to have a spiritual basis and many of the meetings were guided by scriptures. But that wasn’t always the direction our conversations went in.

I found out in our first meeting that my guide, Sister Katherine Hill, is from Detroit.  Katherine is a counselor with adolescents and young adults. Though I’m neither adolescent nor young adult, she was easy to talk to and I was able to share personal parts of my life with her.

Katherine told me that she used to conduct dream workshops and taught people how to analyze their own dreams. I jumped at the chance to ask her about my own strange dreams.  As she spoke about what my latest dream might be revealing, I realized that there were things in my life that I was not looking at, issues I have swept under the rug.

Was it because I am so busy that had kept those issues under wraps, or maybe because I don’t really want to deal with them? 

Probably both, Katherine told me. Our minds, our egos are equipped to keep us from dealing with too much at once, especially if the issues trigger pain.  Who wants to feel pain? Our minds help us to avoid that at all costs.  Unfortunately, it also makes us not deal with reality or be honest with ourselves anbout our true feelings.

What I appreciated most about the retreat was being able to talk to someone candidly about things that were bothering me, someone who has a different perspective about life, and being able to share with someone how I really feel about my life.

But the hardest part was admitting to myself that I am not perfect.  (I know it sounds silly because I know that no one is perfect, but try telling my ego that.) Who really wants to admit that they’ve made mistakes and have hurt the people they love?

Katherine helped me see that the past is the past and we can’t change that. We are all human and no one is perfect.  She showed me that is what we are put on this Earth for, to learn and experience life.  How will we learn if we are always doing everything right?

What a smart lady.  These things she told me, I have heard before.  But I think slowing down and having a personal conversation with her has helped me retain more of its meaning.  She helped me to see that these feelings I have will not go away on their own, especially if I keep sweeping them under the rug. The only way to resolve them is to deal with them head-on.

My experience with the retreat was a memorable one and I will take what I learned and apply it to my life. One of things Katherine told me at our last meeting was, “When the lesson is learned, the teacher disappears.”

At last, I am beginning to understand the lessons.


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