It’s the thought that counts

I love buying greeting cards.  I take my time, scope out almost every single card that is available for that occasion, and pick out the one card I just know the recipient will truly appreciate.

Should I be attending a 12-Step program for my obsession with greeting cards?

I know there are others like me because I share my problem with some people, laughing at myself for taking such care to find a greeting card that most people will throw away.

“Oh, I do that, too,” they say, sympathizing with the craze that seems to stir up as soon as a card aisle is spotted.

“My boyfriend won’t even let me go into a Hallmark store anymore,” said one young woman.

“It takes me an hour to find one card!” said another.

So at least I know I am not alone in my addiction to greeting cards. But is it necessarily a bad thing?

There are worse addictions, but the frustration at not being able to find the right card, the disappointment when I have to just pick one because I am on a time crunch, the sadness I feel when I know that I have not gotten that one card meant for that person, is sometimes maddening.

But my card-browsing is not in vain.  I have found an appreciation for greeting cards, the sweet sentiments that I know someone has picked out just for me. (And believe me, I can tell when they haven’t taken the time)

I would much rather receive a beautiful versed greeting card than a wrapped present. I love the cards that have been hand-made for me through the years by my children and grandchildren. I tell my them that all I want for my birthday or Mother’s Day is a card, and I mean it.

Knowing that someone has taken their precious time to pick me out the perfect card means a lot to me.  Maybe that’s why I do it. Maybe I’m not insane after all but just simply sincere.

My love for greeting cards isn’t a bad thing. I think I just need to accept that it is what it is and leave it at that. Besides, there are worse things I could be obsessed about.


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