Maintaining health should be a given, not a choice

Is it me, or is the health care issue becoming more of a joke than a reasonable response by millions of Americans who suffer from some kind of ailment?

I keep telling people that I have a solution to the problem, but then I am reminded, usually not so nicely, that so does everyone else.  No one seems to be able to agree on what’s most important, even after the composition of the thousands of pages of the health care reform bill built last year by President Obama and the then-in-majority Democrats. So it sits, lying dormant, while bickering politicians find some flaw in how our health care system should be run.

The biggest problem I have had with the health care system is not being able to pay the outrageous bills they send me, even with my insurance.  My health is very important to me, as I know it is for many, but I simply cannot afford the pile of tests my doctor tells me that I need every year.

I have Crohn’s Disease, which requires a yearly colonoscopy.  (Cha-ching)

They found a lump on my thyroid two years ago and it turned out to be a sebaceous cyst which they drained. I have to have an ultrasound every year. (cha-ching)

I am a woman…enough said. (cha-ching)

I have migraines and sinus problems and allergies, the changing seasons are not my friend. (cha-ching)

I have insurance through my employer.  I chose the basic plan because I make $8.95 an hour and haven’t received a raise ever int he three years I have been employed there. I know many, many people who are in the same situation and it is a huge stressor. We shouldn’t have to worry about being able to pay our bills to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What frustrates me is that while we are inundated by the many bills that accumulate from one hospital visit, even with insurance, doctors sit in their huge houses trying to justify why they charge $120 for each office visit, usually to tell you that what you have is a virus and there is nothing he can do for you.  “Take some over-the-counter medication for the symptoms,” is often the only advice they have. 

What’s the solution? Regulate how much doctor’s and hospitals can charge. Is that so difficult to comprehend?  Doctor’s have to pay for malpractice insurance in case someone sues them.  In that case, make it harder for patients to sue or make it tougher to become a doctor. 

It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out.  Maybe politicians need to quit thinking about making a buck and care more about maintaining the health of Americans, the people they work for.


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