Wishes really do come true

Childhood wishes are a magical thing. The belief that all of our innermost dreams could be fulfilled if we just wished hard enough, made our young days bearable.  But as we grew up,  dating, college, marriages, families and careers took precedence over those whimsical wishes made on a star or pennies tossed in a well.

That is, until they are finally realized.

I had the opportunity to fulfill a childhood wish, one that I had given up hope of ever having come true; a trip to Disney World.  I had forgotten that I even made that wish.  I remember being a six-year-old with high aspirations of playing in the Magical Castle that was the insignia of Walt Disney World, frolicking with Mickie and Minnie, and asking Cinderella how it felt to be a princess. 

Gazing far off into a star-filled night, I focused the most twinkly star I could find and wished my most sacred wish…  “I want to go to Disney World.” 

Though I knew in my heart, it probably would  never actually happen, I often thought about how much fun it would be. The years flew by without the opportunity to see that wish come true.  Until it did.

Forty-one years have passed since I dreamed of being face-to-face with the most colorful characters of my childhood, but here it was, right in front of me.

As I entered the gates of the Magical Kingdom in Orlando, Fla. the memory of my most heart-felt wish came flooding back to me.  “Fairy-tales can come true, it can happen to you, if you’re young at heart…”  is the tune that kept going through my head.  I was a little girl again.

 As soon as we rounded the corner that led to the main street, that little girl took over and immediately because enchanted with the wandering musicians, the cartoon characters walking by waving, the old-time popcorn carts and shops, and the stoic castle that dominated the end of the street. I grabbed my boyfriend’s hand and started pulling him toward the festivities.  I glanced back at him and saw that he, too, was smiling and enjoying the aura of a million wishes coming true in one place. Obviously, one of his childhood wishes, too.

Most of my wishes have been left behind with my childhood. But then there are wishes that have come true that I don’t even remember wishing for, wishes made in grown-up fashion, knowing that chances are, they wouldn’t happen. But also knowing that they can.  This is one wish I can finally cross my list, my grown-up wish list.

After all, wishes can come true, even if it takes a while.


One Comment

  1. I am so glad you got your wish. I went to Disney for the forst time last summer and it truly is a magical place. It reminded me that being a grown-up doen’t mean giving up being a child!


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