Resolving the New Year Resolution

New Year’s resolutions are not one of my strong points.  For the most part, making a resolution, only to break it two days later, was somewhat normal for me.  But not this year.

In fact, I am  making two of them, just for good measure.

Past resolutions usually included quitting smoking or drinking or some other bad habit, or a lot of times, losing weight. But it was almost as if I gave my permission to relinquish control to myself even before I started.  Let’s face it, I’m a quitter at quitting, and a loser at losing.  So I did what most people would do in my situation; I quit making resolutions, something that I knew I was good at.  Last year, my resolution but not to make one.  And it worked.

I have long since quit drinking, smoking, both have become a thing of the past.  I am now looking toward my future, and what I can do to better myself.  I have decided that I want to become more financially stable and to live healthier.

I don’t have a lot of debt, a few credit cards from stores I frequent and those ever-present medical bills.  The health insurance my company carries is not the best, and I wind up paying for much more than my fair share. But the fact remains, if I didn’t have health insurance, it would probably be worse.  With that being said, I resolve to finding a solution to my problem, number one point being learning to live healthier.  Exercise, eating right and avoiding things that are bad for me is just a beginning.  Stress and anxiety are also a bad mix for me and I plan on taking steps to alleviate those, as well.

So this is not another New Year’s resolution; it’s more of an awareness of how I want to live. It doesn’t mean that if I do all these things I will live to a ripe old age.  I could step off the curb and be sideswiped by a bus.  Who knows? But as least I will have peace of mind knowing that I did everything I could to maintain a healthier lifestyle, something I didn’t really care much about in the past.

As for becoming financially stable, this is something that I have been trying to accomplish most of my adult life. I remember living paycheck to paycheck, stretching the money as far as I could and still not being able to pay my bills.  Not only will learning to control my money help me in the over-all big picture sense of finances, it will also give me peace of mind, which fits right in with living healthier.

New Year’s resolutions-who needs them?  Well, according to, it never hurts to want to improve yourself.  The website also gives advice for those wanting help with their resolutions.—Where-Did-New-Years-Resolutions-Come-From?&id=890518

Ringing in the New Year means reflecting on the past year, looking to see what can be improved on, and what needs to be let go. We all have the power to create each new beginning as we want. I, for one, intend on making it the best I can.

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