The hecticfuncrazybeautifulhumbug side of Christmas

I am a huge fan of Christmas.  I love the music. I love the food. I love the lights. I think I just love the idea of Christmas.  People are nicer.  They are more generous.  And aside from a few Scrooges, people are just better during the holiday season.  If only they could stay that way all year-long.

For some, Christmas is a game, one in which they level up each year.  Others go into survival mode, trying to drown out the never-ending drone of “The Little Drummer Boy,” the insane traffic jams, or figuring out how to make their money outlast the season. There are those who love the challenge that the season brings, and every year finds new ways to drive themselves (and everyone around them) crazy.

But most of us would like to enjoy the season more.  Every year we are faced with retailers who start the rush earlier, enticing youngsters to start bugging their parents for presents, tree displays being put up before Halloween, and the pressure all around. If we could just slow down long enough to remember why we are celebrating, maybe we could carry that message all year long.

Instead, we zip through the holidays more worried about getting the perfect present, making the best food, and having the best parties than taking time to enjoy the beautiful lights, the wonderful music and the delicious fattening food.  We are so busy doing, we forget the best part of the holiday season, to relax and enjoy.

Too often, January 2 comes and everyone thinks that they need to revert back to their busy schedules, where they don’t have the time to be caring, kind and generous.  Maybe they think that they have done their duty for the year and everyone will excuse them because they are so busy. Maybe. 

We’re human, and it’s a given that we can’t always be nice, but what if we could?  Imagine a world where it was like Christmas all year around.  Would we take it for granted?  Or would the world be a better place because of it?  Maybe we need the Scrooges in our lives to show us the kind of people we don’t want to be.  Maybe that’s why we have the Christmas season, to show us what is possible. 

Jesus really is the reason for the season. He represents Hope, Faith and Love.

Without his message, we are doomed.  But if we focus on why we celebrate Christmas, we have a chance to make the world a better place.  If we could just remember that after the Christmas trees are no longer lit, the goodies are all eaten and the presents have been unwrapped, maybe we could remember how good it felt to be generous, caring and kind.

I am reminded of a line from one of my favorite Christmas movies, “The Santa Clause.”

“Seeing isn’t believing; Believing is seeing.” Believe.  Another reason for the season.

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