TSA-A free massage with every flight?

Security has always gotten a bit tighter around the holidays.  However, the reports coming from frequent-flyers who say they feel they are being violated by the  intense and degrading pat-downs at the airports across the country are alarming.  Especially since I plan on flying to Orlando a week before Christmas.

The pat-downs don’t scare me; I think it’s more the hype that surrounds it. How can I be upset by the airport’s security when all they are trying to do is to keep me safe? 

The man who is encouraging others to follow his lead of boycotting the pat-downs and body scanners at U.S. airports on Thanksgiving, isn’t thinking that plan through.  Doesn’t he know that terrorists might actually be watching, waiting for an opportunity to bypass America’s security? 

It’s ironic that the people who are trying to keep us safe are being fought by the people they are trying to protect.  We need to let the people do their jobs.

I have no idea why those people feel they are being violated because it has never happened to me.  But they need to understand that terrorists hide explosives everywhere.  I think I feel more safe now than I previously did, knowing that they are taking extra precautions. 

I will get my chance to see how the system is really working.  It’s too bad that certain news shows only show one side of a story, often making something more than it needs to be.

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