Back to Reality

Sarah Palin finally did it.  She found a way to make herself even more annoying.

I am not a fan of reality shows, nor am I a fan of Sarah Palin.  In fact, I’m not even a fan of Alaska. I can’t even imagine what kind of show they could make from that combination.  I would love the opportunity to ask any of those five million people who tuned into the debut of her show on Nov. 14…why? 

I didn’t get to see the show (too busy doing homework) but I did get to see clips of it on Good Morning America, (yea) my one-time favorite morning news show. It showed Palin being a typical mother, shooing some guy down the stairs from her daughter’s room.  (Good call, wonder why I didn’t think about that..oh, wait–I did.) What’s so  great about that?  It’s called being a parent.

When Sarah Palin was chosen as John McCain’s running mate for the presidential election in 2008, most people were excited that he picked a woman.  But it didn’t long for that thrill to wear off.  All Palin had to do was open her mouth to speak and those who liked her bizarre, immature, and outrageous style rallied around her. Those against her found even more reasons to dislike her.

Rumors came out (rumors yes, but I believe them) that McCain picked her for only two reasons; to get the women’s vote, and because she is good-looking.  People thought she was down-to-earth,  an every-day Joe, (or Jill) someone who people said they could see themselves sitting and having coffee with.  It’s true that a vice-president’s role is limited but wouldn’t you like to think that if something happens to our president, that the vice-president could step in and actually perform their duties?

I didn’t see her like that all.  I thought it was kind of cool that a women was chosen, but that’s where it stopped.  Even I, someone who admits to be lacking in a political sense, knew she wasn’t in her right mind the first time I heard her talk.  Could it have been her screechy voice, or the way it grinds on my ears?

I really dislike her.

Hearing people talk about Palin running for president in 2012 scares me.  Not because I think she would win, but because I can just imagine how her seemingly-idiotic act will turn the campaign into more of a circus than it’s already known for. I can see it now: Sarah’s Delusional World in 3D. 

Now that’s a reality show.

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